A Writer’s Design

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A writer creates his own design by capturing the characters and settings floating about in his mind and weaving them into a story. One wonders if the patchwork of emotions that the characters in the story convey are figments of a writer’s imagination or a collage of the writer’s own emotions felt at some point or other in his lifetime and which he vents out through his characters. Are the circumstances his characters find themselves in are purely fictional or are they events the writer has experienced himself on certain occasions in his lifetime? Are the writer’s beliefs and opinions expressed through his characters and the condition in which they are placed in their lives?

I have always felt that it is an intermingling of fact and fiction through which a writer creates a story. It is a combination of his imagination and his own belief system that goes on to define his character’s outlook on life and how it would lead his life. I do not think a writer can completely delineate his own emotions or his thought process while creating his characters. They are at some time or other going to peek out of his characters and also sometime be a recurring theme in his character’s lives. A writer consciously or otherwise inculcates some of his values and opinions in his characters and in his story. His characters are not immune to the incidents that occur in his life.

4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Design

  1. Extremely well written. And I happen to agree with you …. writing in our unique way depends on who we are. There is no disconnect there …. the flow of real, imagined and other, all are woven together from our own essence. Love the way you express yourself. I encourage you to keep writing ….. you’ve got this and more!

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