Hope springs eternal in every heart

Hope is the last vestige of man in these uncertain times. Hoping for better times to come is the mantra. Hoping for the well being of our loved ones is the order of the day. Hoping that the situation will change for the better is the eternal wish. Man even in dire circumstances looks atContinue reading “Hope springs eternal in every heart”

Thoughts on the New Year

It’s New Year. We are bitten by the festive fervor. We welcome the new year with open arms. We want it to be calm and happy. We want ‘hope’ to be the overwhelming feeling. We want to wish away all the feelings of pain and desperation. We want to reassure ourselves that this year andContinue reading “Thoughts on the New Year”

The Quest for the New

Scientific discoveries and inventions are a testimony to man’s quest for the new. To know the unknown has led mankind to a spate of new discoveries. Man’s quest to fly led to the invention of the airplane as also so many other inventions that heralded the advent of the modern age. We are now surroundedContinue reading “The Quest for the New”

The Diwali Festivities

Diwali is just a day away. The houses in my neighbourhood are bedecked with lights to welcome the festival of lights. Tomorrow, the lighting of earthen lamps, obeisance to goddess Laxmi, the exchange of sweets, the bursting of crackers will mark the festivities. People in their best costumes will greet each other. The atmosphere willContinue reading “The Diwali Festivities”

Thoughts of my beloved Pt.9

I await my beloved’s return to me. I look forward to seeing his unabashed laugh and his tall stature; qualities, in him, that I so admire. I recall, with fondness, the short time that we had spent with each other. That time was electrifying as well as sedate. There was a surge of the feelingsContinue reading “Thoughts of my beloved Pt.9”

The Excitement of the New

The excitement of something new entering our life is overwhelming. The newness of it all catch our senses and seeps into our body and soul. It may be the advent of a new season, as of now, the autumn season which has adorned our lives with colours- orange, yellow and brown. It may be theContinue reading “The Excitement of the New”