It’s Raining Again

After waiting for the rains for months on end, it had started to pour again. The dust that had settled on the trees, leaves, buildings, and roads has been washed away and they glisten now in their newfound cleanliness. People are scurrying about under umbrellas of different hues. The parched earth, dry from the continuousContinue reading “It’s Raining Again”

The Writing Process

An idea sprouts in the writer’s mind. It takes form and shape. The writer is ready to deliver it into the world. He starts writing. Sometimes the words flow like water, unhindered and effortlessly. Sometimes, it takes an effort to write the next sentence. The words are stuck up and refuse to grace the writer’sContinue reading “The Writing Process”

On-Screen Portrayal of Love

Let’s celebrate this month of love Most of us like to watch the beautiful on-screen couples depict love in various forms in films . Form of love which is subtle, passionate, unhindered, uninhibited, intense, sad, secure and insecure. These movies mesmerize and exhilarate. They most of the time imbue me with a sense of love.Continue reading “On-Screen Portrayal of Love”

Thoughts of my beloved-Pt. 10

Painting is by Leonid Afremov Moments pass by. Memories linger on. The two days spent in the company of my beloved still bewitch me. Those days, I was floating about as in a dream; passing each moment wrapped in a magic web. Once in his arms, I did not know when the realms of theContinue reading “Thoughts of my beloved-Pt. 10”

Changing Possibilities

Endless possibilities define us when we are young. The possibilities of becoming a doctor, a writer, an artist, an engineer etc. are there as a child grows up. These avenues that a child would venture into becomes more defined as he grows to be a young man. They narrow down to a few options asContinue reading “Changing Possibilities”