Love and Longing

She chose to love him, despite knowing that he lives in a land far away. The distance between them is great. She does not care; she loves him so much. Then there are times in which she longs to be in his arms. At such times, she looks into the distance and recalls their meetings.Continue reading “Love and Longing”

On-Screen Portrayal of Love

Let’s celebrate this month of love Most of us like to watch the beautiful on-screen couples depict love in various forms in films . Form of love which is subtle, passionate, unhindered, uninhibited, intense, sad, secure and insecure. These movies mesmerize and exhilarate. They most of the time imbue me with a sense of love.Continue reading “On-Screen Portrayal of Love”

Thoughts of my beloved-Pt. 10

Painting is by Leonid Afremov Moments pass by. Memories linger on. The two days spent in the company of my beloved still bewitch me. Those days, I was floating about as in a dream; passing each moment wrapped in a magic web. Once in his arms, I did not know when the realms of theContinue reading “Thoughts of my beloved-Pt. 10”

Changing Possibilities

Endless possibilities define us when we are young. The possibilities of becoming a doctor, a writer, an artist, an engineer etc. are there as a child grows up. These avenues that a child would venture into becomes more defined as he grows to be a young man. They narrow down to a few options asContinue reading “Changing Possibilities”

Need a little while to relax

These busy days never seem to get over. I miss seeing the dying rays of the setting sun; the once bright sky rendered a deep grey color with a hint of orange. Those were the days when while returning home, I would notice the garish lights and the din and bustle of the living, thrivingContinue reading “Need a little while to relax”