A day long experience

Mysore Palace

It was a Sunday. I, my mother and my brother left our hotel in Bangalore( Bengaluru) early morning at about 6 a.m. for Mysore(Mysuru). It would be a three hour drive to the city of Mysore. We drove through the highway witnessing the almost barren hills dotted with huge stones jutting out from them. Though it was the month of October, it was quite warm. The weather was clear and the sky was an azure blue. After about a drive of about one and half hours we stopped to have breakfast at a roadside dhaba. We had hot puris and potato curry along with tea. After having breakfast we again started on our onward journey to Mysore. We spotted the Srirangapatna Fort and prayed at the Rangaswamy temple. We also stopped at the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan and feasted our eyes on the beautiful paintings and the other displays of weapons of the days of yore.

For lunch, we had sumptuous chicken biryani and Mysore pak( a sweet dessert). We visited the magnificent Mysore Palace. We then went shopping and bought several silk sarees and picked up some sandalwood mementos for our friends and relatives back home. It was evening when we started our journey back to the city of Bangalore. We were tired when we reached our hotel but the journey was an enjoyable one.

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