Faraway Thoughts

Artist – John Roddam Spencer Stanhope

Today thoughts from the past besiege me. My mind wanders to my childhood days. Those were simple days. Those were the days of experimentation. One day, I could indulge in painting. Another day, I could sing my heart out or dance away without a care. There was nothing to scrap my heart’s longings and my desires. I did as I wished. The potentialities were huge. The future held forth all its promises. I leapt towards the future with childlike glee. I remember the days when I along with my friends used to ride into the evening on my tricycle. Then friendships too were sweet. Innocence reigned supreme. It was the age of television. We children would gather in front of the TV sets and often watch the lovely advertisements which were played in between cartoon shows. The Ads were simple so were our needs in those times.

Oh, how I hurried from school on Saturdays to watch on TV the movie depictions of the novels of Charles Dickens and Shakespearean plays. This was in my high school days. They mesmerized me. These movies and the books I read opened up new vistas of thinking. I became increasingly aware of the intrigues life throws at you. That life was intrinsically complicated. Uncomplicated though it was, one cannot hold on to even the good things in the past but move on into the future which seems quite challenging.

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