Letting Go

It is difficult to let go of things we hold dear to our hearts. Whether it is animate or inanimate things, we hold them close to us. “Letting Go”is an emotion which is difficult to give in to for most of us, even if it is for the betterment of things at hand. Parents find it hard when they have to let go of their children as the children form minds of their own. We hold on to old and irrelevant ideas and fail to allow the new and relevant ideas to take their place. Lovers hold on to their loved ones, never wanting them to leave their sight whereas a more graceful, benign love would be more attractive. We clutter our houses with things which have gone unused for years together but we won’t part with them for they have become a part of us. In all cases, the important mantra is to let go of things a little bit in order to have a peaceful, more wholesome life.

Note- Photo is from pixabay.com

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