The Pull of Relationships

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Pondering on the aspect of relationships, I am most happy when I am transported to my childhood and its illusions of perfect relationships. When things were absurdly simple and not complicated enough. When one could enjoy a parent’s love as a feeling of love only and with no other feelings mixed with it. A brother’s love or for that matter a sister’s love was pure and unburdened by any other emotions. You could jump around and play with your friends, spitting laughter and glee without a care because it was unhindered friendship. Friendship, not eclipsed by any of the selfishnesses.

The entire burden of relationships starts when we become so called “grown ups”. Then relationships pull us in all directions and there is a flowering of resentment, jealousy and ill feelings amongst people. At times these relationships give us wondrous joy and in other times they give us stinging pain. This happens to everyone as we complicate our lives by and by and in and out. We become a bundle of contradictions.

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