The need of man to communicate with their fellow beings has given rise to various forms of correspondences through the centuries. The earliest form of exchange of letters of the king with his various officials was through a horse rider who acted as a messenger of the king and delivered the king’s letters. Most often, these letters contained the commands of the king and his wishes to his officials for them to carry them out in letter and spirit. Again, kings used to send special envoys to discuss and do trade deals and peace treaties with kings of other countries.

The modern age gave rise to the post offices, telegraph transmission and the telephone which made correspondence among people more systematic and quick. Common people could now use the post offices to send letters to their family and friends residing in far off places. Communication became much more effective between persons and had come a long way since the days of yore.

The day of the computer dawned and then arrived the mobile phones among men. Thus came into existence SMS and fax messages. Now people could communicate at the touch of a button. It hardly took a minute for messages to be passed on from one person to another. Then it was the age of the internet and with it came such means of communication as the Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. Nowadays, people’s lives revolve around such features of communication. We can trace people’s lives through these features. People sometimes lay bare their lives through these mediums of communication.

Letters, cards have become almost obsolete as objects of communication. However, I feel that the sentiments that they echoed could hardly be compared to the hasty, short messages that we now send to our dear ones at present times.

Note – The photos are from Google

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