The Buzz of Life

As the lockdown that was imposed in my hometown is slowly relaxed, the murmurs of life could be heard without. More people are walking the streets, traveling in public transport or in private cars to reach their destinations. They are attending offices, going about getting necessary supplies for home, visiting banks for monetary transactions. More shops are open now selling essentials as well as certain non essential goods. Construction activities are slowly picking up. More vehicles can be seen on the streets.

It is wonderful to see life spring to its feet after one and half months of an almost complete standstill. It is heartening to find lives become alive once again. This new phenomenon of putting our normal lives on hold has been to an extent difficult to digest. People has shown enormous patience and discipline during these stressful times. The discipline people have inculcated during these trying times can be seen when people are going about their lives wearing masks and maintaining social distancing while at work. The tremendous human spirit is scintillatingly in display during adversities when it responds to the need of the times.

Note-The photos are from Google.

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