All the Beautiful Things

The world is at a standstill. Life goes on albeit at a slow pace. The mad race is stopped in its tracks. Perhaps a time to reflect and introspect.

Beautiful things abound all about us. Nature woos us in this spring season. Trees laden with flowers, birds chirping about, flowers of all hues remind us that the world is still very beautiful.

Inanimate objects too hold their sway over us. A small cottage in the midst of greenery, the sparkling water of a lake, the magnificent stories written by writers through the ages evokes such wondrous thoughts and feelings. These are anything but beautiful.

And what to say of a beautiful woman or a handsome man . They are as pleasing to the eyes. What about the lovely paintings and the dreams that a seamstress sews on our dresses. What about our designers who create magic through their designs. And the wonderful food that the cooks churn out.

Beautiful things galore.

Note – The photos are from Google .

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