Book Fairs

Book fairs, an amalgamation of book stalls with varied books in them and a motley crowd which throngs them are events that I look forward to. Two book fairs are held annually in my hometown. They are always organized in the winter season when the sun’s heat is tolerable and comforting. They are a good diversion from routine work . I can roam around in the book stalls for hours on end searching for the books of authors , old and new, looking up the blurbs of these books and in turn reading them. And it’s quite a task to select some books to buy from the many interesting and amazing books on display. It’s always a delight when you are offered a discount on the books.

Some people who visit these book fairs are hardcore book lovers. Some others would participate in the quiz, debate, dance etc. competitions that go on in the sidelines. Some others would go and watch the cultural shows organised in the evening and have a bite in one of the food stalls put up there. They cater to different sections of people having very different tastes.

Note:- The photos are from Google

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