Love, Life and more

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What is this thing that we call ‘ life’. It is perhaps a process. It is a journey into the unknown, the depths of which we cannot fathom. It is a journey, the ways of which can be described only as an aftermath. The way is either disastrous and sad or fortunate and happy. However it is, we must all tread on it. It presents different hues to different people. No one journey is similar.

Life has offered me an array of possibilities. I have gone into the realms of happiness and sadness with equanimity. I have embraced both; happiness with glee and unhappiness with a bit of annoyance but to a lot of extent with grace. Success and failures have adorned my journey of life at varied times. Life is a torture in times of trouble and it a comfort in the good times.

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Love arrived in my life to fulfill me. It has made me secure. It has etched a feeling of being safe with my loved one by my side. It has overwhelmed me in a good way. I must say that it is totally, totally beautiful. I have waited for it for years. It’s been a long wait. But finally it has come into my life and has taken it over. It’s a good feeling. It’s a wonderful state to be in.

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