Love Quotes

It’s the month of February. Valentine’s Day is near. Let us read some beautiful love quotes and enliven our lives. For love has stood the test of time. We all crave for it. It makes the world go around. Nothing, no gadget has replaced it. Love reigns.

I hope you like these quotes .

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The “Rose” symbolizes a myriad of emotions. It’s in the lover’s hand as he tries to woo his beloved. A wilted rose hidden amongst the pages of a book brings to a young maiden all the memories of her sweetheart. A rose becomes a style statement when pinned to the buttonhole of a coat. It fills the house with its sweet aroma when a bunch of roses decorates a flower vase. It arouses romantic notions as it fills the air with its sweet smell. It adorns a bride’s hand as she walks down the aisle. It also lies still on a coffin as a mark of respect to the dead.

The Different Hues

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Red roses awaken a feeling of love in us. The blue sky indicates a clear day free of rain. Whereas a grey overcast sky tells us that the rain is near. The color white very much reminds us of a beautiful bridal gown. Sunflowers boldly display the color yellow. A dash of green adorns the leaves on the trees and the grass that stretches out on the ground. Pink lipstick makes the lips of elegant ladies very alluring. The seven colors of the rainbow illuminate the sky and make us wonder about its aura. The color black signifies the darkness and the night. Thus the different colors glorify our lives in myriad ways.

A Gloomy Day

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It is a chilly overcast day. The sky covered with dull clouds prevents the rays of the sun from glistening through. Birds chirp away in the nearby trees. The gloomy day reflects my mood which is growing ever restless. I anticipate the rain to come. I expect the showers of rainfall to come down and wet everything in its wake. I look out of my half-opened office window and see the buildings, the tin roof of a house, the vehicles plying in the street, and the Gulmohar tree which had started to bloom. I look on listlessly. I try to read but put down the book after perusing a few pages. I am not in the right mood to read a love story. I start to write this post. Suddenly I hear the rumbling of thunder. The sky opens up and the rain starts to fall. My mood is upbeat once again. The rains always have that effect on me.

Pouring Rain

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She looks out of the window. The rain pours outside at its easy pace. She opens the window, stretches her hand out, and feels the cold water against her skin as the droplets of rain fall on her hand. She closes the window and gets dressed. She is to meet her long-gone sweetheart. He has been gone a long time. She misses him. She puts on her favorite dress and puts on her boots. She locks the door, opens her red umbrella, and steps into the street. The rain pours relentlessly. She takes the sidewalk and walks to the point of the street where they had agreed to meet. She stops below a street light and waits. The night had an eerie feel to it. The street light above glows with a diffused light due to the falling rain. A teenage boy in a raincoat rushes past her whistling a familiar song. The road is deserted. All the dreadful things, that happen on a night like this in the thriller novels she is so fond of reading, come to haunt her today. She shivers from fear and the cold. She can see a man wearing a hooded raincoat and a light gait approach her. She is afraid for a split second, and then she notices the familiar gait. The man comes near her and removes his hood. She smiles as she sees her lover’s face.

The Dance of Spring

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The cold of the winter dwindles. The sun brightens up. The days become longer. Spring is lurking in the corner preparing to make its advance. The leaves slowly sprout out on the trees. Flower buds open up to the rising sun. Anticipation rises in the human heart. Then one day, the trees glisten with an array of colors emanating from the varied flowers blooming on them. Butterflies and bees fly about in search of nectar. The birds chatter away in their joy-filled tones. The rabbits scurry about in glee. People feel their hearts being filled with a romantic air. For, spring has arrived. It’s a time to celebrate the dance of spring in all its glory.

Sprint Along

Let’s sprint along with the onward march of spring.

Let’s sing along with the melodious song of the cuckoo.

Let’s dance to the swirl of the butterflies in the wind.

Let’s dress with the colour of the flowers which has spread over hills and the plains.

Let’s fill our senses with the scent of the flowers which spread their gaiety all around.

Let’s run about with the fleet footed rabbits and bring in the adventures to our lives.

Let’s hover and rest awhile like the bees sucking nectar from the flowers.

Let spring overwhelm us all the more.

Let peace enter our lives.

Distant Dreams

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He sighs as he sleeps. He smiles as he dreams. It is a recurring dream. Distant lands filled with numerous sand dunes, dotted with palm trees, and with excessive heat come to life. He, suddenly, sees a vision of an exceedingly beautiful woman moving about an oasis. He stumbles on to catch a close glimpse of the woman in white. He only perceives the silent, blue waters of the oasis and a few camels resting by it. The woman had disappeared from sight. The oppressive heat beat down on him. He takes some water in his hands and drinks it. His thirst being quenched, he wakes up. The vision in white, however, chases him in real life. He, now, looks at every woman to see a resemblance of his dream woman but is disappointed every time he fails to see her.

Evergreen Love

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Love makes the world go around. Very true. We may sometimes label the roller coaster rides of some of the famous couples in the literary world, Romeo and Juliet (by William Shakespeare) and Oliver and Jennifer (Love Story by Erich Segal), as sentimental stuff. But then most of us inwardly love them. For, we too would perhaps want to experience a love like they did. We too crave love like theirs. We may want to look at love in more practical ways. For example, love between couples is needed for extending the human race. Still, love for love’s sake is the mantra for many of us who want to feel the warmth and tenderness of another being. Love, certainly, exceeds all our attempts at being pragmatic. All of us at some point in our lives dance along with it.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance. May all forms of love that exist in this world prosper on this day and on all other days.