Landscape Painting – A flurry of colours

Amongst the different types of paintings, landscapes are one of my favourites. I look at these paintings from a layman’s perspective. Someone who does not understand the intricacies nor goes into the details of these paintings but is still fascinated by them. I simply love the mix of colours used to make a particular settingContinue reading “Landscape Painting – A flurry of colours”

On-Screen Portrayal of Love

Let’s celebrate this month of love Most of us like to watch the beautiful on-screen couples depict love in various forms in films . Form of love which is subtle, passionate, unhindered, uninhibited, intense, sad, secure and insecure. These movies mesmerize and exhilarate. They most of the time imbue me with a sense of love.Continue reading “On-Screen Portrayal of Love”

A piece of cake

A piece of cake adds that extra zing to a cup of tea or coffee. There are the simple cakes and there are pastries. Pastries are of different flavors and different colours and tastes. Black Forest, White Forest, Red Velvet, Butter Scotch, Chocolate cake are some of the different pastries. People also make sponge cake,Continue reading “A piece of cake”

Diana, Princess of Wales

Aptly described as ” England’s Rose” by Elton John, princess Diana oozed charm and her effervescence effected people all around the globe. It was as if she carried with her a magic wand and waved it to mesmerize people. Beautiful, attractive, stylish – are the words that best describe her. Diana emerged on the worldContinue reading “Diana, Princess of Wales”