A Lazy Sunday

I make a beautiful, peaceful transition from Saturday night to a Sunday morning. For I know that come Sunday and the day is mine to keep. I have perfect and complete hold over the day. It’s me time. I get up late in the morning and lazily pour out my cup of tea. Sipping theContinue reading “A Lazy Sunday”

The Diwali Festivities

Diwali is just a day away. The houses in my neighbourhood are bedecked with lights to welcome the festival of lights. Tomorrow, the lighting of earthen lamps, obeisance to goddess Laxmi, the exchange of sweets, the bursting of crackers will mark the festivities. People in their best costumes will greet each other. The atmosphere willContinue reading “The Diwali Festivities”

Thoughts of my beloved Pt.9

I await my beloved’s return to me. I look forward to seeing his unabashed laugh and his tall stature; qualities, in him, that I so admire. I recall, with fondness, the short time that we had spent with each other. That time was electrifying as well as sedate. There was a surge of the feelingsContinue reading “Thoughts of my beloved Pt.9”

The Excitement of the New

The excitement of something new entering our life is overwhelming. The newness of it all catch our senses and seeps into our body and soul. It may be the advent of a new season, as of now, the autumn season which has adorned our lives with colours- orange, yellow and brown. It may be theContinue reading “The Excitement of the New”

The Unsettling Expectations

The flood of expectations hit her. She is aware that they are unrealistic, unrealizable. Expectations, which if she even dares to express would only lead to much acrimony and to a lot of distress. Not only would her expectations be hurled aside but she would be made to account for her intrepid behaviour. She wouldContinue reading “The Unsettling Expectations”

The Beautiful Women

Women, the world over, are beautiful, fragile, loving. Fragile on the outside but is imbued by an inner strength which can hold a family together, bear the agony of childbirth, be by her partner’s side through the storms life throws at them. She is loving and compassionate to her children. She nurtures them. She looksContinue reading “The Beautiful Women”