Benign Spring

Photo by Alena Koval on

Gone are the cold days of winter; the harshness of summer days are yet to arrive; in between comes the days of spring- gentle and kind. The sun shines benignly and the occasional showers of rain bathe the land immersing planet Earth with shades of green and other hues as the flora and fauna of this land spreads their wings across the spectrum. The lush green of the mountains and the plains, and the rainbow of colors across the platter of flowers are soothing to the spirit. The cool breeze accompanying the rains gives bodily comfort. The rabbits hop about in glee and the butterflies flit away with a lot of zeal. The birds sing atop the trees making the atmosphere glisten with pomp and radiant with glory. Our hearts leap up with joy looking at this extravagant spread of all things natural.


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