In a Trance

Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on

From afar, the evening breeze flows in carrying with it some heady music played in some distant home. As the music fills her home with a distinct warmth, Lydia is woken from her siesta. She slowly rises from her bed. The music holds her as if in a trance and she involuntarily sways with its rhythm. Lydia is now beheld by the magical music. She is now wide awake. The music takes her in its arms and she drifts like a ballerina, round and round the room on tiptoe. Her deft movements are a cause for endearment for anyone, who can envisage her soul in her gliding movements. Adam is mesmerized by Lydia as he watches her performance in perfect silence. He comes forward, takes Lydia in his arms and the two of them do a sprightly dance into the evening.


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