On The Edge

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

We lived on the edge.

You left me on the edge.

Our relationship had vaporous beginnings; always ending in some blind alley. Perhaps, I liked it the way it was. It always had a halo around it which we both cherished. The excitement of meeting in secret, spending long hours in each other’s arms, and taking long siestas. The evening breeze flowing in would wake us up. You would leave then, leaving me on the edge of an emotional outpouring of love for you.

The night came on. A thousand stars have lit up the sky. You are not with me, yet I can feel your breath on my skin. Now, the stirring of unknown longings scorches my soul. I dream of you. Then, you are an indistinct lamp in my life, pouring out your light and making me iridescent.


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