It’s Raining Again

Photo by Max Avans on

After waiting for the rains for months on end, it had started to pour again. The dust that had settled on the trees, leaves, buildings, and roads has been washed away and they glisten now in their newfound cleanliness. People are scurrying about under umbrellas of different hues. The parched earth, dry from the continuous onslaught of the unmerciful sun, gets wet with the onset of the rains. The wells which contained little water now well up with the much needed fresh water. The atmosphere cools down and brings in the much needed relief to the people around and is a balm to their burning bodies.

The rains always boost me up like a melodious song that floats in from somewhere and lifts up my spirits. I am imbued to take up a book and start reading accompanied by a cup of hot tea. The peter pater of the raindrops against the window panes creates a musical sonata that heals my soul and establishes me in a happy place once again.


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