On-Screen Portrayal of Love

Let’s celebrate this month of love

Most of us like to watch the beautiful on-screen couples depict love in various forms in films . Form of love which is subtle, passionate, unhindered, uninhibited, intense, sad, secure and insecure. These movies mesmerize and exhilarate. They most of the time imbue me with a sense of love. I would like to share with you some of my favourite movies not necessarily on the subject of love but with a flavour of love in them.


This film portrays the love that develops between a crown princess Ann( Audrey Hepburn) and a reporter Joe Bradley( Gregory Peck) when they are thrown together by unusual circumstances and both of them together explore the city of Rome. Princess Ann has to leave to once again resume her royal duties and responsibilities. The ending of the movie where the couple kisses and separates is heart touching and sad. Love here is subtle, intense and sad.


This film showcases the early turbulent years of Queen Victoria as she accedes to the British throne at the age of eighteen years. The political upheavals and palace intrigues find an important place in the film. But it is the romance between a young Victoria( Emily Blunt) and her husband, Prince Albert(Rupert Friend) which interested me. A saga of enduring love and devotion between the Queen and the Prince.


The film depicts the obsessive love of Luis Vargas( Antonio Banderas) for his wife, Julia( Angelina Jolie). Julia alias Bonny along with her lover, Walter had plotted to rob Luis of his money. As per their plan, Julia marries Luis and runs away from her husband taking along with her all of his money. Luis frantically searches for her and when he finds her, he starts to live a life of deception and lie along with his wife. The movie shows a love which is passionate but at the same time destructive.


This movie shows the growing love between an Italian army captain, Antonio Corelli( Nicholas Cage) and a Greek woman, Pelagia( Penelope Cruz) during the second World War. The time when they get separated due to the choice they have to make between their allegiances and the love they feel for each other is sombre and poignant. The couple eventually reunites which gives the movie a happy ending. Love in the time of war heightens the excitement and the sensuality of that love.

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