Thoughts of my beloved-Pt. 10

    Painting is by Leonid Afremov

    Moments pass by. Memories linger on. The two days spent in the company of my beloved still bewitch me. Those days, I was floating about as in a dream; passing each moment wrapped in a magic web. Once in his arms, I did not know when the realms of the unreal merged into a more real existence. Reality too was beautiful then. We talked about the future and of making this meeting into a series of happy, unending events in the years to come. We decided to concretize our plans and so envisioned a delightful future together.

    Parting is always difficult. But this parting was with hope in our eyes for we visualized good days ahead in our lives. My heart skipped a beat as I parted from my beloved. I was not sad for I knew in my heart that we would meet soon. I know that this time we are together both hurtling towards a more certain future.


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