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Nowadays my impulse for reading has been heightened. This is all due to the influence of the BookTube community of YouTube. I had hit the depths of a reading slump when all of a sudden I discovered BookTube. The scintillating reviews of the varied books by the BookTubers helped to raise my dwindling interest in books. I became more aware of the different genres of books. I started reading books of a variety of authors as I discovered more authors through BookTube. I was kept abreast of all the new book releases. I have surely once again unearthed my love of books. This journey into the world of books has both been fascinating and joyous. Books provide an escape into new worlds whereby the travel into the imaginary habitations of the characters brings innate happiness. Books are at times thought provoking and in other times provides an escape into a realm of savoury delight. Books can uplift my mood or bring on the sadness in my state of being.


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