A Gloomy Day

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger

It is a chilly overcast day. The sky covered with dull clouds prevents the rays of the sun from glistening through. Birds chirp away in the nearby trees. The gloomy day reflects my mood which is growing ever restless. I anticipate the rain to come. I expect the showers of rainfall to come down and wet everything in its wake. I look out of my half-opened office window and see the buildings, the tin roof of a house, the vehicles plying in the street, and the Gulmohar tree which had started to bloom. I look on listlessly. I try to read but put down the book after perusing a few pages. I am not in the right mood to read a love story. I start to write this post. Suddenly I hear the rumbling of thunder. The sky opens up and the rain starts to fall. My mood is upbeat once again. The rains always have that effect on me.

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