Pouring Rain

Photo by Sourav Mishra on Pexels.com

She looks out of the window. The rain pours outside at its easy pace. She opens the window, stretches her hand out, and feels the cold water against her skin as the droplets of rain fall on her hand. She closes the window and gets dressed. She is to meet her long-gone sweetheart. He has been gone a long time. She misses him. She puts on her favorite dress and puts on her boots. She locks the door, opens her red umbrella, and steps into the street. The rain pours relentlessly. She takes the sidewalk and walks to the point of the street where they had agreed to meet. She stops below a street light and waits. The night had an eerie feel to it. The street light above glows with a diffused light due to the falling rain. A teenage boy in a raincoat rushes past her whistling a familiar song. The road is deserted. All the dreadful things, that happen on a night like this in the thriller novels she is so fond of reading, come to haunt her today. She shivers from fear and the cold. She can see a man wearing a hooded raincoat and a light gait approach her. She is afraid for a split second, and then she notices the familiar gait. The man comes near her and removes his hood. She smiles as she sees her lover’s face.

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