Distant Dreams

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

He sighs as he sleeps. He smiles as he dreams. It is a recurring dream. Distant lands filled with numerous sand dunes, dotted with palm trees, and with excessive heat come to life. He, suddenly, sees a vision of an exceedingly beautiful woman moving about an oasis. He stumbles on to catch a close glimpse of the woman in white. He only perceives the silent, blue waters of the oasis and a few camels resting by it. The woman had disappeared from sight. The oppressive heat beat down on him. He takes some water in his hands and drinks it. His thirst being quenched, he wakes up. The vision in white, however, chases him in real life. He, now, looks at every woman to see a resemblance of his dream woman but is disappointed every time he fails to see her.

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