Emotions Evoked

Photo by T on Pexels.com

The flurry of emotions that a book can evoke is immense. While reading “Normal People”, I was acutely reminded of the class divide that exists in our society; of the trials and tribulations that a quiet and introverted person has to go through to find his or her place in society. Orhan Pamuk’s book “The Museum of Innocence”, an eternal love story has the potential of evoking such loving thoughts for one’s beloved. “Where the Crawdads Sing” brings to the fore with such deftness the beauty of nature, in which the main protagonist, Kya finds her sustenance and protection in the abode of nature. Nature can surely provide and protect. Marjan Kamali in “The Stationery Shop of Tehran” weaves a tale of poignant young love which is forbidden but lasts a lifetime in the lover’s heart which testifies the truth that love is eternal and true. In her book “A Long Petal of the Sea”, Isabel Allende so beautifully writes about the effects of political upheavals on the lives of her characters, which is an apt description of the effects of war that definitely and certainly rewrites the destinies of the people involved in it. We simply cannot remain immune to their direct or indirect effect on our lives and the lives of the people we love.

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