A Lazy Sunday

I make a beautiful, peaceful transition from Saturday night to a Sunday morning. For I know that come Sunday and the day is mine to keep. I have perfect and complete hold over the day. It’s me time. I get up late in the morning and lazily pour out my cup of tea. Sipping the tea I lounge about the garden. I do a bit of pruning in the garden which a busy week do not allow me to do. The plants and the shrubs have been crying for my attention all week to keep them in shape. I oblige them this Sunday. They seem to be happy with my efforts. I prepare my favourite dishes for lunch. They taste great and makes me happy. I tidy up the mess in the house and take bath. I spend a quiet afternoon; reading with some soothing music playing in the background. It feels like I am in an other world, away from the din and bustle of everyday life. I wish I was so relaxed everyday of my life. Evening comes and I dress up to go shopping with my friends. We buy the clothes and ornaments for a wedding to be solemnized in the near future. We had decided to look beautiful and trendy for the wedding. I end the night dining with my friends in a restaurant; chattering on without a care in the world.

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