The Excitement of the New

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The excitement of something new entering our life is overwhelming. The newness of it all catch our senses and seeps into our body and soul. It may be the advent of a new season, as of now, the autumn season which has adorned our lives with colours- orange, yellow and brown. It may be the discovery of a new author who captures our imagination with his unique style of writing and narration. It may be a new movie which mesmerizes us with its characters, plot and its pace. It may be a new relationship which we have entered into or the renewal and rejuvenation of an old one which causes our lives to go into a frenzy. The newness of establishing a new fashion sense for ourselves; the excitement of getting a new wardrobe makes us smile with glee. What about visiting a new place? Doesn’t it fill us with wonder and a sense of delight.

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