On a cooking spree

Cooking is an engagement. An engagement with the sights and smells of wonderful creations in the food world. Aromas of various cuisines fill the senses sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes with a longing to linger some more time in the present and savour all the good food laid in front of us. Memories of grandma’s and mom’s cooking fill the mind with absolute delight and wonder at the magic their hands churned out.

I have been on a cooking spree this last one month. The colourful dishes on YouTube are my motivation to try them out. There are hundreds of them to try out from. The descriptions are tempting enough to try to make them. I have so far prepared matar paneer, palak paneer, methi matar malai, chicken bhuna masala, egg korma, patta gobi kofta curry, zeera aloo, gobi matar masala, capsicum and potato and brinjal dry fry etc. I made all the dishes with single minded devotion being very true to the recipes shown on the internet. It’s an absolute delight to prepare these delicious food items and to be praised for them. This act of cooking calms my frayed nerves. It’s like an antidote to my monotonous and mundane existence as it spices up my life. It is a good and healthy past time. It is a wonderful hobby.

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