A carefree life

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Today she gets up in the morning feeling happy and carefree. She is in another world. Her room is bright and clutter free. She gets out of bed, showers and puts on her favourite floral dress. A sumptuous breakfast is laid out on the table and she enjoys it. She takes her guitar, strums the strings; the music she creates lets out one melodious song after another. Her mood is uplifted and now she longs to be in the arms of her beloved. The dog is restless. It wants to go out for a walk. She puts on her hat and goes for a walk with her dog. The street is restless with joyous people; the happiness is infused into her. The park, the garden beyond is animated and appeals to her in muted terms. The weather is crisp and cool; the breeze touches her with impunity. She is flattered at its brashness. She sings a song in a low voice.

The alarm bell rings. She gets up with a smile. She had a beautiful dream. Reality strikes. She gets ready to go out for work.

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