Life Goes By

Life consists of a series of events. We are mired in them so much that sometimes we fail to notice that life has gone by and we have crossed the threshold and stand at the fag end of our lives. It has simply surpassed us and we are left bereft of the joys which we were to claim, being so absorbed in our sorrows and in trying to put out the people in our lives against whom we feel resentment and ill feelings. Life goes on. It knows better than to stop for us. At the end of all our self absorbed behaviours, what we fail to see is the beauty that life holds for us. We are beaten by the very thing we call ‘life’. We are thoroughly vanquished by it. When we realize it, sooner or later, it sometimes is too late. Then we regret that we just let life pass by us without feeling its varied nuances which would have made our days beautiful. We have to seize the opportunity to live life and indulge in the happiness it can beget us.

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