The Reading Habit

Reading opens up vistas of a new world which is far apart from the world our mind revolves in or is at present confined to. Reading throws open a bevy of new ideas to its readers which they then absorb and sometimes inculcate. It beckons the readers into a land thus unknown to them. Reading relaxes the mind and at times stretches it and broadens it as it gets flooded with a whole range of fresh and ingenious ideas. We can conjure up a beautiful scenery or a majestic view of the mountain in mind’s eye as we read about it in the books. We are transported into a magical world far removed from the monotony of our daily lives. We inhabit the world of the characters in the books. We sway in their emotional roller coaster ride. We sometimes recognize one of the characters as us and merge with them and enact a whole drama in their midst. Reading provides a good escape from our humdrum existence. It is a good pastime. Books are a good companion.

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