Being a woman

Artist – Ishita Bhat

A man is the provider. A woman is the homemaker. These roles have changed dramatically through the years. Women have forayed into the traditionally held male bastion. And she has been successful at that. Nowadays she is the provider as also the nurturer. But do the change in roles bring about a change in the essential characteristics of a woman?

Men and women are two completely different creatures. They have the same emotions and characteristics but to a varying degree. A man acts tough. He is at times dominant. A woman is strong but lovingly so. She is fragile and vulnerable at times. This does not take away from her beauty but adds to her essence. A woman decorates, takes care of her children and her home. In the new age women have stepped out of her house to earn a living but she has maintained her basic traits of being caring and loving. A woman looks best when she retains her original character in spite of going out into a man’s world. It is best that way. After all men and women were created to be different. This difference adds to the beauty of this world.

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