A feeling of weariness has overcome me these last few days. I seem to stumble upon ideas and feelings which do not take me to a place of light but rather pushes me into an area of darkness. But darkness is not where I want to dwell. I do not want to be shackled by it. I want to be free and soar into the kingdom where the divine resides. I want to experience heavenly bliss. I would then surely get out of this paralysis which has set in my mind and my heart. Numbed thoughts and listless feelings would then be replaced by a season of the most uplifting sensations. I would feel alive and well once again.

I would endure this lassitude for once and no more. This stillness would very soon give way to inspiration and merriment.

5 thoughts on “Lassitude

  1. Interesting choice of words: lassitude. Is that what you call it? I, too, have had a bout with it lately. But, there is beauty in the gloom when we allow it to shed light on the causes. In the light, the gloom dissipates and we emerge the wiser!

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