Snippets of an idyll day

I waded through this morning dreaming glorious dreams. I sleepily open my eyes as streaks of light announces a new day. I see fairies in the slowly brightening morning light. I see their fleeting images as they fly about the room and then vanish with the rising day. I get up and dip my feet in the wet grass ridden with dew. I witness the blooming trees and the nectar hungry butterflies. I smell a few flowers. What freshness! What a feeling of calm!

The day brightens. I walk through the woods looking for adventure. I see one or two rabbits scurrying about the bushes. Would I stumble upon some ” Alice in Wonderland ” sort of adventure if I follow one of the rabbits? I walk on. The woods are bathed in light and darkness as the sun rays seep in through the trees and the trees cast shadows on the woods. I hear the hum of bees. I hear the birds chirping. I hear the singing of angels.

It is evening. I lie on the grass and look up to the sky. The sky is reddened with the last rays of the dying sun. Stars peep out in the sky. Suddenly a shooting star appears and it dies. I make a wish. I lie on the grass for some more time. I try to discern the different shapes the clusters of stars make. I breath in the cool night air. I am fascinated. I get up and take the long walk to my home.

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