Likes and Dislikes

Over the years so many things have made life livable and beautiful for me. Everyday the flowers in the garden beckon to me and put a smile on my face. I like flowers of all hues and varieties. Just as I like the spring and the rainy season. So many memories are attached to these seasons. Childhood memories of floating paper boats in puddles of rain water. Memories of the colourful burst of blossoms in the University campus. Books, music and movies have been my favorite companions. There is no any pleasurable thing for me than reading a good book and being immersed in it. Music fulfills my soul and movies are an escape from the real world. I like paintings and am fond of feasting my eyes on them.

I love travelling to different places. Spending my holidays in a new and unknown place is exciting and is a balm to my frayed nerves. I love good food. My love of food plays havoc with my weight. But then it’s alright. This is just one life. I like dressing up and I like jewelry. I feel a good dressing sense brings out the feminine qualities in a woman. It sharpens those qualities. I like decorating my house. I find a quiet satisfaction in the fact that my house looks gorgeous and welcoming.

I dislike uncouth and bad mouthed people. I dislike back bitters. I am not too fond of gossip mongers. I don’t trust them. I dislike persons who are too selfish and are opportunists to the hilt. I dislike untidiness and uncleanliness.

Note – The photos are from the internet.

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