Thoughts of my beloved Pt.5

Painting by Leonid Afremov

What are the thoughts that occupy my mind every time I think of my loved one. That he is loving, caring and generous. He is the one that has opened new vistas of thinking into my ideas of love and of life in general. My fears for the future has diminished for he advocates that life is to be lived in the present. For he feels that we get this life only once. I have now taken a more optimistic view towards life.

I am admonished by my loved one when I pester him for new photos of him. As he feels that your beloved should be quietly retained in one’s heart and not in some device. I love when he lovingly admonishes me. Oh, I just love so many of his traits. I absolutely love his voice when he sings to me. And I love it when he reiterates his love for me.

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