Pitter Patter Raindrops

Big droplets of rain dash against the window panes. I come and sit by the window and watch the rain drop by. I love the rains. I have loved it since my childhood. Childhood memories take me to an evening when I had reached home from school and it had started to rain. I can distinctly remember the smell that emanated from the parched earth on receiving the first rain of the season. There is also the memories of picking up of flowers, strewn all over the wayside by gusts of wind and rain, while walking back from school. And what to say of the small paper boats that I and my friends made from pieces of newspapers and floated them on the puddles of water formed by a heavy shower of rain. What fun to get wet in the rain during the summer season.

It is always lovely to spend a lazy evening watching the rain outside sipping tea and eating snacks and making small talk with friends and family. It can also be spent reading a book or watching a movie. Memories of my loved one come by as the rain pours outside. Scenes of rain are often depicted in films and in paintings and often creates drama in them.

Note – Photos are from Google.

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