Landscape Painting – A flurry of colours

Amongst the different types of paintings, landscapes are one of my favourites. I look at these paintings from a layman’s perspective. Someone who does not understand the intricacies nor goes into the details of these paintings but is still fascinated by them. I simply love the mix of colours used to make a particular setting come alive. The careful use of colours creates so many moods for the various landscapes painted that it brings forth different emotions in different people. While searching the internet for landscape paintings, I came across some paintings which I absolutely liked and am sharing them with you.

The use of vibrant colours in this painting gives a lively impression. As if the trees, the stream, the rocky mountains are thriving with life.

A lonely stretch of a path amidst the greenery is soothing to the eyes. It looks as if one can tread on it and also enjoy the scene.

A residential setting brought to live by a play of colours, reddish brown and green.

A lonely bridge sits over a river among the trees. So very realistic.

An isolated hut in nature’s abode. Looks inviting.

Reflections on a pond of the outline of a house partly hidden by trees gives an amazing effect.

Flowers in full bloom against the backdrop of mountains is a visual treat.

Note – The photos are from Google.

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