For you, my love

Valentine’s Day Special

We haven’t met so far, my love. Yet, I wonder at this strong attraction between us? What is this liking? What is this pull towards each other through the vast distance that separates us? The only answer that I get after my musings is that we are very much in love.

I feel happy and secure because of you, my love. You have given a new meaning to my life. For the first time in a relationship I feel safe. As if you will be always be there to hold me through the travails of life. Thanks dear for understanding me and being there for me. You are precious .

Your sweet words ring in my memory. I read your messages again and again for it gives me such pleasure to go through the emotions that your words evoke. I hold on to them. Your voice over the phone makes my days more livable for then l feel so very close to you.

My dear, may you always remain happy and safe.

Note – Photos are from Google .

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