Love Songs

Let’s celebrate this month of love.

How best to spend Valentine’s Day and the month that it belongs to other than by listening to some songs dedicated to love. Songs that express so beautifully the devotion to the lover, the beauty of the loved one, the pain of the beloved and the angst of separation from one’s sweetheart. Here are a few of the love songs that I love. They have given me pleasure. They have soothed my nerves. They have lightened up so many of my evenings. They have filled me with the idea of love so that I seek love everyday of my life. Love seems real and attainable because of them.

Song sung by Bryan Adams

The first song that has stayed with me over the years is sung by Bryan Adams, “Everything I do, I do it for you.” So beautiful – it beseeches one’s lover to search for love and find it within one’s heart. To seek love in the lover’s gaze. It reminds the beloved that every one of his actions is for her only. The poignancy of the song touches me every time I hear it. I am just taken over by it.

Sung by George Michael

“Careless Whisper” expresses the angst of losing your loved one and the realization that the dance of life would not be possible -” I’m never gonna dance again. Guilty feet, have got no rythm”. The lilting tune just mesmerizes.

“Don’t turn away, I need your love ’cause you are the only one I have been dreaming of. Don’t turn away, don’t close the door. For you are the only one I am hoping for. Come hold me tight, I need your light. Come and take me to the place I long to be “- Song sung by Goran Karan.

This song I had heard recently. It’s one line “Be my shelter when the angels disappear” is my favourite. The tune is absolutely beautiful.

Song sung by Celine Dion

The song describes the attributes of a lover and the gifts that he bestows on his lady love. It is simply wonderful to hear it.

Song sung by Ed Sheeran

The song brings back the nostalgia of the youthful days. It’s simple and sweet.

Song sung by Christina Perri

This song signifies the courage gotten from one’s lover to enter the pact of love. It is infectious.

This post is dedicated to my loved one.

Dearest, it’s for you.

Note – The photos are from Google.

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