Diana, Princess of Wales

Aptly described as ” England’s Rose” by Elton John, princess Diana oozed charm and her effervescence effected people all around the globe. It was as if she carried with her a magic wand and waved it to mesmerize people. Beautiful, attractive, stylish – are the words that best describe her. Diana emerged on the world scene as a teenager and transformed into an elegant woman through the years. All through the years, she maintained her grace and poise under tremendous public scrutiny.

Diana is my favourite princess of all times. I admired her greatly. I was enthused by her unique beauty and her fashion sense. I would wait for her to come up on the television screen and enliven it with her loveliness and her liveliness. Then the day came when I mourned her death. But her appeal was such that even death could not erase her memory from my heart and mind.

Note – Photos are from Google

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