The Female Form in Paintings

Women form the topic of paintings for artists from all over the world. They have inspired painters through generations to explore and depict the many aspects of a woman’s life. Women find expression in their paintings as lovers, mothers, dancers, musicians,painters. Women can be seen in paintings doing various chores of daily life. These paintings are so powerful that they very aptly bring out the various moods of it’s characters and deftly portrays the moments that these characters inhabit. Life is infused into each of the paintings through a mix of colours .

There are sensual , seductive and sombre paintings of women. Then there are the paintings illustrating the female form. There are nude and semi nude paintings which show women in an evocative or in an erotic state. Whatever the topic these paintings depict; they are a treat to the eye. They please as well as inspire.

Note- Photos are from Google.

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