Thoughts of my beloved Pt.4

Painting by Leonid Afremov

The days always pass by so quickly like winged birds whose fleeting glimpses we get before they vanish into the woods. But the days seem to go so slowly when I wait for my loved one to come by. The waiting, the anticipation is sometimes sweet; sometimes it rises to a crescendo and creates a pool which surges with emotions which are painful because of a sense of desperation. Then I want the wait to be over. So that my constricted heart finds it’s release.

My loved one is mired in problems which emerged from his past. He wants an end to them. He says I have to wait longer for us to be united. He also gives me the option to leave. An option which my mind rejects and my heart cringes from. My heart staggers from the very echo it creates. I don’t take it but tell him unequivocally that I will wait for the problems to disappear. That I will wait for the love he will give me. I know that his love will be strong enough to bestow upon me a sense of being secure and absolutely loved.

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