“A thing of beauty is a joy forever “

Roses in full bloom

A rose plant in full bloom is a treat to the eyes. I behold these plants everyday in my garden. They bring such joy to me. Rose is my favourite and my most loved flower. The prickly,thorny plant appeal to my senses as no other does. I planted roses of different colours in my front garden. There are white, pink and red rose plants which I planted a year ago. They are in full bloom now. As I see them now, I feel as if I have nurtured a child and it has grown up to be an adult. It’s a beautiful feeling. So serene, so calm.

Roses from my garden

A rose is a predominant object in my life . I wear clothes with rose prints on them. I hang paintings of roses in my house . I take bouquets of roses for the bride in a wedding. I decorate my flower vases with the roses from my garden. My whatsapp profile picture is of a rose. The profile picture of my blog are a bunch of roses. I mostly carry a handkerchief with roses on it. And I have been inspired by this lovely flower to write this post. I dedicate it to the rose- not just a flower but an almost indispensable part of my life. I hope it’s beauty remains a part of my life forever.

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