It was an engaging film

I recently watched the film, ” Phantom Thread “, and was filled with such love. I wondered at the weird love story the movie portrays as also the intensity of the love which the two main characters so beautifully act out. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock , a famous fashion designer who falls in love with a waitress , Alma Elson. Woodcock designs clothes for his rich clients and is obsessive, fussy and controlling . Alma is wilful and determined. Their relationship develops slowly from the time Woodcock invites Alma for dinner and she accepts. She becomes his model and muse and then his lover. The relationship hits rough waters as Alma wants more of her lover but cannot get enough of him as she finds him distant and hard to please. Reynolds Woodcock loves her but is not ready to give up on the meticulous life he has lived all these years. He opines that she disturbs and makes his life unsteady. When he decides to throw her out of his home and his life , she poisons him. His health debilitates and he becomes very weak . Alma nurses him back to health. The pliant and vulnerable Woodcock makes her happy as then he is totally dependent on her.

I loved watching the film. It was one of those movies which fill your senses and leave you wanting for more. This peculiar love between the couple is engrossing. Like Alma, we want our lover to be more attentive and perhaps more into us. The many bickerings among the couple do not diminish their love for each other. But they would return to each other after every fight to resume their love affair. It is touching to watch the couple in their quest for love from each other. As I watched the very weak and broken in health, Reynolds Woodcock become warm and open with his lover, I thought that it would be nice once in a while to be weak and vulnerable and then sink into your lover’s arms. It would be good not to act and be strong all the time but to be looked after by your lover. If Woodcock is a control freak, Alma is headstrong and this similarity between their characters creates a tension which is very compelling to watch. The love, the intensity, the riveting account of the lives of the protagonists makes this a very watchable movie.

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